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30 Mar 2022

Environmentally friendly debate is hitting the global freight forwarding industry. Campaigners are arguing that that transportation is having a damaging effect on the environment and that practices need to be reviewed.

This is in the context of an increasing environmental concern amongst consumers and politicians alike. Green issues have entered the mainstream and have reached the centre of many socio-economic policies. Numerous countries have introduced Green taxes, for example and Green incentives. Recycling is mandatory in a few places and packaging carries information on if it is made from recycled material and when it is bio-degradable.

With all this growing interest it's perhaps unsurprising that the freight forwarding industry is now in the spotlight.

The is reacting very positively to the concern. Many companies are actively examining how they might are more environmentally friendly and have started initially to introduce Green initiatives Source. For example, offset policies are increasingly being adopted by many. Since the name implies, these are made to offset some off the damage caused by transporting cargo. One means of doing this really is for companies to invest money in environment related projects and charities.

Of course it is essential to lessen the emissions from freight forwarding. According with a studies, around 6% of total air travel related carbon emissions were generated by the air freight industry.

Many hope that the Kyoto Protocol Agreement will gradually help cut carbon emissions. The agreement was signed by numerous key European countries and was made to set carbon emission limits for signatories.

Of course the difficulties regarding the environment won't disappear either completely or immediately while there is no real panacea. However initiatives just like the Kyoto Protocol Agreement and the offset policies being employed by transportation companies are steps in the right direction. With time when we continue to take into account how we could reduce our carbon footprints and actively help combat global warming then things might start to improve.


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