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16 Feb 2022

 Mid 2021, the return of in-person events prompted many event planners to begin hosting “hybrid” events or those that have both in-person and virtual attendance. While a lot of care can be taken to provide a great experience in-person, how do event planners replicate the same experience on a live stream? Ethos Media, based out of Dallas, TX, has been live streaming events for years and recommends event planners consider the following creative elements in their broadcasts.

    A pre-show montage or “pre-roll”: Since remote attendees will log on to watch a live broadcast at various times leading up to the event, it’s important to provide them something to look at while waiting for the main event. Aside from entertainment, pre-roll content can also provide calls-to-action, schedule updates, context for the upcoming content of the broadcast, and more. A pre-roll can consist of photos, video clips, graphics, and even a live segment if the host(s) want to be involved.

    On-screen graphics: On-screen graphics can provide supplementary information to what’s seen on camera, such as a lower third identifying a speaker. On-screen graphics can also provide a visual aid to what’s being discussed as well as call-to-action Dallas Fort Worth live streaming video production information necessary for virtual attendees to participate. Using third party services like Slido, a broadcast can include live polling that can be done from a computer or mobile device.

    Audience Manager: This refers to the individual that interacts with virtual participants concurrent with the content on screen. They can take questions and relay them to hosts, answer questions directly, provide links along side calls-to-action for participants to follow, and be a brand ambassador through online platforms your broadcast is hosted on. Since many platforms have comment sections, the process for audience interaction is easy and can be moderated.

    Live Q&A and Giveaways: Live Q&A and giveaways are two examples of incentives for virtual attendees to watch a broadcast and participate when appropriate to do so. Both should be built into the schedule of your event and typically be held towards the end so that attendees are incentivized to watch more overall content.

    Broadcast Promotion: Last but certainly not least is promotion of your live stream well in advance. Remember that the Avengers: End Game needed no promotion to make its billions, yet it still ran trailers and other forms of advertisement leading up to the release. Don’t assume that your live stream will have an audience without sufficient forms of organic and paid promotion. Make sure you account for the time frame you perceive the most amount of your viewing demographics will be available to watch a live stream. 

In closing, contact Ethos Media to discuss these essential elements of a successful live stream and specific nuances to your unique content. Whether your event is hosted out of your office, at a hotel ballroom, or event venue, call us at 214-733-7370 or email our lead content producer, Devin Connelly, at Get tips for your next live streaming video production needs across Dallas Fort Worth at this link:


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