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3 Nov 2020
If e-mail is one of the primary ways for you to communicate with your coworkers, friends and family then you might have heard of Google's Googlemail. As defined by Google, Googlemail is a free webmail service that incorporates all of the best features found in other webmail services while at the same time improving and building on new technologies to improve the user experience.

Today, Googlemail is one of the largest webmail providers in the world because it is easy to set up and use however one of the things that Google has always paid a great deal of awareness of is security. Everyday thousands of people have their private information sacrificed and many of them don't even know it which is why it is important for you to bear in mind some basic tips in order to improve your Googlemail account security, let's take a look:


This means that stands for hyper text transfer protocol with an added security sockets layer but put in simpler terms, this is a setting to prevent your details from being thieved or sacrificed while you are accessing your e-mail whether it be from home, a hotel or a public wireless network.

Protect your security password

This is one of the biggest ways for you to improve your account security however many people still use universal and easy to guess account details such as "123456" and even the word "password" furthermore, make sure that your security password includes both numbers and alphanumeric characters and that due to input your security password after following a link which has been sent through e-mail because in most cases this is a form of phishing. Buy gmail accounts

Update your web browser

One of the most popular windows used to date is the Ie web browser, approximately 60% of all Internet surfers make use of this web browser but not many keep the software up to date which comes them open and liable to malicious web code and attacks. The best and easiest method to keep your web browser updated is to enable regular updates from Microsof company if you're online Explorer web browser. If on the other hand you are using Ie then you will always get a pop up indicating the new version has been released, don't ignore this message and perform the update.

Change your security password every three or four months

While this is something that not many people do it is important that you change your security password if you want to keep your information secure. Changing your security password as often as every three to four months ensures that crucial computer data doesn't get sacrificed and that any unauthorized access will get it eventually blocked. Ie as well as Google chrome, with a built-in security password manager but if you don't want to keep your account details within the web browser a really good option is with a software such as Roboform, Last Pass Security password manager or 1Password for Macintosh personal computer.

Scan your pc against trojans and Malware

If you are one of those people who love using "Smileys" and "Emoticons" on your chat and web applications then make sure that in order to access such content you are not downloading an executable program because this is how spyware, trojans and malware get installed in your system. There are many free options that you can use in order to detect and block most suspicious programs and files.

If you want a free antivirus then Avira "Antivir" or Avast are two of the most effective options, two great anti-spyware programs are SpyBot as well as Ad-Aware and last but not least you may select from Comodo or Zone Alarm for your firewall.


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