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11 Jun 2020
By Mike Colpitts

For years off and on I’ve been developing domain names into business ventures. Many websites in real estate and insurance have helped to pay the bills or generated income to become successful businesses. It hasn’t been easy until lately. This story gives hope for the little guy with the domain acquisition of

I had developed a website for TV video news under a different domain name and it was gaining in popularity. In this day and age of corporate governance, private equity investments and major IPOs we knew we were out of the loop. There’s also the issues of an economic recession turned depression and the Coronavirus pandemic. But a single domain name can change an awful lot for a business. That’s what is happening for us. has been on the web under its name for a matter of days and it’s really beginning to leap into the internet landscape. The site provides a menu of sorts of TV news reports from more than 8,000 news outlets for users to choose from. It’s truly become where news hits online all the time with breaking news, business news and even entertainment from a wide range of sites. You can watch TV news on demand from a wide variety of viewpoints and watch it when it’s convenient day or night and even see a few funny things at the same time.

I started the site originally as a website to provide news from all perspectives, conservative, liberal, moderate and independent so users could get a well rounded view of subjects in the news. That’s been something that as a former journalist I have realized for years has increasingly been lacking. Opinion oriented news has driven the masses into condemning the news media. Opinion is just opinion though but still it fills an awful lot of time on TV.

However, times are changing and many people want to get back to the facts – only the facts. There’s plenty of straight forward reporting on TV Video News to see, including political news and the race for the White House as it heats up going into the November election.

The domain name, was registered, according to records for about 16 years. As they say in the domaining business, it dropped or the former owner displeased that he or she was unable to re-sell it for a higher price let it expire. These are tough economic times for many people, including yours truly. I was searching for a strong domain name for the website, a better name than we had the website on and after many hours of searching I came across it. It was like finding a goldmine or hitting a homerun.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring Jackpot! It would make the perfect name for the site, an exact match for what the site was offering, TV video news reports from all over. Within a few days we made the transition from another name to the new one. There’s something about this thing called luck. I live in Las Vegas and I know from experience that the slot machines and gaming tables aren’t for me. That is maybe until now when my luck just finally may have changed.

Maybe, maybe not - We’ll see I guess. I’ll count on a sure thing. truly is where all the news hits online. Check us out sometime to see.


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